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At Aaron PCB, we are a proud manufacturer of electronic products. We use the latest technology, matched with a great team of employees. We are conscious of our activities and regularly look at ways to minimise our environmental impact.

We are a high technology business providing solutions at a local and a global level. Our company provides cost-competitive solutions capable of meeting the latest technology challenges. The economic sustainability of our business is intrinsically tied to environmental sustainability, as well as to our overall responsible business practices.

An important factor in our on-going success is the efficiency of our machines, and use of resources. The fairness and honesty in all our business dealings are key to managing our business relationship and excellent customer service. Finally, we aim to provide a motivating environment for our family of employees, who are highly trained and capable of providing high quality finished products for our customers.

Please read our sustainability report linked below to find out more about our economic, environmental and social performance.

Download Sustainability Report