Are you interested in Prototype Printed Circuit Board Assembly?

//Are you interested in Prototype Printed Circuit Board Assembly?

Are you interested in Prototype Printed Circuit Board Assembly?

European Prototype Manufacturing can be cost competitive compared to Asian Production.

We recently did a price comparison for a client where we were 9 % less expensive than a quote received from an Asian Competitor. Manufacturing in Europe can be therefore very competitive and have additional advantages such as flexibility, security, and fast turnaround.

We also offer other advantages such as:

  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Ability to supply Low & Medium PCB Production.
  • English Speaking Company.
  • Excellent Level of Service.
  • Efficient and Fast Transport and Delivery

What are Prototype Boards and Why Low Volume Production?

Prototype boards are small runs that allow the engineering and assembly teams to see a working example of a design before a large volume run of that product. Prototyping allows the design and engineering team to look at optimal design, any errors or flaws in the production, and what can be improved before a large-scale Production run.

Having a lower Volume of production means you get Price benefits and a Faster turn around time with the ability to detect flaws early and test components individually this will lead to an improved final product because any flaws will have been both assessed and addressed.

Our system is IS0 9001 certified. We are committed to providing the best practices and highest quality that can be achieved. We where possible, suggest improvements to increase build efficiency and product reliability and to reduce costs.

Due to our location in Shannon which is close to an International Airport and a major road freight hub. We can ensure efficient and fast transport to most locations. We offer next day delivery to UK and Ireland.

If any of this interests you and you think we could help you please don’t hesitate to contact us here on 

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