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Aaron PCB is a successful manufacturing company of high quality, electronic circuits. We provide high quality products and services at a competitive price adding value to your business.

Aaron PCB was established in 2004 by Gerard Murray.  At that time much of Electronic Circuit Assembly was moving to China to avail of cheaper labour costs. Gerard felt there was a need to maintain electronic manufacturing in Ireland but with a very lean overhead cost to keep it competitive. To do so Aaron works very much as an engineering company with all staff expected to work efficiently and effectively and administrative overheads kept to a minimum.

Electronic Manufacturing equipment is critical to the success of our business and this equipment can be very expensive which along with the finance costs can result in a high overhead cost. Aaron has been successful in minimising this cost through initially purchasing an entire manufacturing plant at a reasonable price along with Government support through grant aid. This allowed us to commence manufacturing at a competitive price.


Our model allows us to invest a proportion of our revenue as necessary in new equipment which in turn has fed into making us more efficient, generating additional savings which we split between better pricing for us customers and investment in more equipment. Currently most of our equipment is under 5 years old and this keeps our offering up there with the latest devices and parts that we can handle.

Electronic Circuits from Aaron PCB
Electronic Circuits from Aaron PCB
Electronic Circuits from Aaron PCB
Electronic Circuits from Aaron PCB
The chain reaction of high quality, good technology and reasonable costs has allowed Aaron to develop and thrive since 2004 in the face of the major challenges from Far East production.


More recently the trend to move eastwards has reversed, as both costs in China and socio-economic pressures have increased, making it more favourable to manufacture at near shore locations. Aaron has been at the forefront of this and has worked with our customers to move products back from China. This has delivered lower cost, increased security, reliability and flexibility to these customers. We also work closely with new start-ups to show that manufacturing near shore has huge advantages and can now be delivered cost effectively.

Our manufacturing model has recently almost come full circle as we have recently made a number of shipments to Asia which has really shown how effective our manufacturing has become.

  • Secure & Reliable

  • Low Volume Production

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Complex Parts.

  • Flexibility




As a customer of Aaron Value Added Services for the previous 9 years, I could not praise Gerard’s attention to detail and professionalism enough. As a small startup company, we required a personalised, hands on service in addition to a cost effective production facility for our new designs and products which most other vendors that we spoke to were not capable or willing to provide……They have on more than one occasion facilitated a last minute order from us, worked weekends and driven half the country to meet me with cables or boards to help. I see Aaron as a trusted supplier in our business and would recommend them highly.
Paul Boland, Paul Boland Design

We have been using Aaron PCB services for our proto type builds since 2010, attention to detail at the bill of material stage and follow through to the actual build is seamless, the end product has always been consistently to a high quality IP16 standard. Special needs like fast PCB turnaround is not a problem and commitment to on time delivery is key for us in the world of getting proto types out to software development and ultimately into the marketplace.

Mike McShane, ZIV Automation


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